Academic Initiatives

"Hitting" The Books

Starting Fall, 2019, the New York Freedom will begin an organization wide initiative to promote academic success with our players.

How it works -

Each semester a player earns a 3.5 or higher GPA (or equivalent), they will receive a discount for the upcoming season fee, as well as items from the team store.

The discounts will be applied as such:

Fall / Winter Semester Spring Semester
Discount Applied to SummerDiscount Applied to Fall

The following will be provided to our players each consecutive semester a player earns at or above a 3.5 GPA:

1 Semester > 3.5 2 Semesters > 3.5 3 Semester > 3.5 GPA 4 Semester > 3.5 GPA 5 Semester > 3.5 GPA
Dri-FitPerformance ShortsHoodieSweatpantsDugout Jacket